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The Wine Tree and how it works

Do you feature a Wine Tree in your Live or Silent Auction? If you don’t, you may want to reconsider.

A Wine Tree can display up to 100 bottles of wine and is a hugely popular item for Live Auctions, Silent Auctions, and even Raffles (in fact, we know one event planner who consistently sells 100 wine raffle tickets for $100 apiece, generating a tidy $10,000 profit).

Wine Trees offer an excellent opportunity for people to top up their personal wine cellars, and also provide the lucky bidder with some easy solutions for corporate and personal gifting-giving.

There are several ways to stock your Wine Tree, but just remember, no cheap wine! Nothing will depreciate an otherwise excellent Wine Tree faster than a bottle of cheap plonk.

Of course, the ideal situation is to ask your supporters to donate the wine. But remember, when asking people to donate bottles of wine be specific with your request. Set a minimum value of $20 to $30 or more.

In lieu of asking people to donate actual bottles of wine, take cash donations with the money earmarked specifically to buy quality wines.

So what exactly is a Wine Tree? Basically, a large square plywood base unit is set on the floor and topped with a large round piece of plywood; the second-largest base unit is then set upon that and topped with the second-largest round piece and so on until the 5 base units and 5 round platform pieces have been stacked (see photo).

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