Danny Hooper Productions

An Extraordinary Emcee

Danny Hooper singlehandedly puts the “master” in Master of Ceremonies. With several thousand live performances behind him, he possesses a deep reservoir of experience, uncompromising professionalism, and a razor-sharp wit. From conventions to corporate functions, and fundraisers to rodeos, Danny has seen it all, and understands and delivers all the components that go into the making of a truly special event.

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Why choose Danny for your next Celebratory Event

Danny knows how to charm, capture, control, and energize audiences of all sizes

As a professional entertainer and comedian with thousands of live performances under his belt, Danny energizes the room and guarantees laughter while interacting with your audience.

Whether it’s 60,000 people at the Big Valley Jamboree or several dozen at a corporate event, Danny understands how to “work the room”, keep energy levels high, and hold the crowd’s attention during the entire event. His deep reservoir of material, garnered from decades in many aspects the entertainment industry, is an irreplaceable tool in keeping the event rolling.

Danny keeps the event running smoothly and on time

With an eye on the event’s schedule and a built-in barometer for the energy level in the room, Danny ensures that your event starts and finishes on time, and contains loads of bright moments in between.

Official events call for official protocol, and Danny understands exactly how to handle it

When the Lieutenant Governor pays a visit to your event, you’ll want to ensure that he or she is introduced to the audience in a manner that follows absolutely correct protocol. Danny has studied and practiced protocol, and knows just how to handle interactions with dignitaries, politicians, and others who are acting in an official capacity.

Danny’s voice says it all

Clear, understandable, well-paced, modulated—these are the audio qualities that make a great emcee and are critical to holding the attention of an audience. Danny has perfected his voice and delivery skills as well as his microphone technique over thousands of live performances. He knows exactly how to achieve the perfect pitch that will be easily comprehended by your audience.

Danny has the experience to deal with the unexpected

Danny understands that the best laid plans are sometimes no match for the unforeseen. Sudden equipment failures and power outages, an onset of illness, even total stage collapse—these are just some of the real-life unpredictable events that Danny has encountered.

It takes a pro’ to effectively handle the unexpected, and Danny, with his complete professionalism and unmatched ability to think on his feet, continues to demonstrate that he’s the best in the business.

Margaret Trudeau shared with me that you were the best emcee she had ever seen. She laughed all the way to the airport…

Gail A. Taylor,
Community Mental Health Foundation

We at Chrysalis are grateful for the energy and entertainment you brought to this event…

Lynn Groves Hautmann, President/CEO, Chrysalis

I would like to extend to you my sincerest thanks as your outstanding presence and timing as emcee. Your outstanding sense of humour made our awards banquet the best ever!

Derek A. Hibbard, Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors

Thank you so much for making our event extra-ordinary and nothing short of spectacular. It was our best ever by far. We could not have done it without you.

Edie Hiebert, Chair, Red Deer Hospice Society

I’ve had the opportunity to see Danny on numerous occasions and his performance at our Conference Luncheon was rated amongst the top. He was very funny, knew exactly what the crowd was looking for and kept them in stitches. The small auction for charity was a success thanks to Danny—I would not hesitate to have him at future functions.

Ray Geleta, VP Sales and Marketing, Tirecraft Western Canada Ltd