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why you should consider booking danny hooper for your next fundraising event


Since 1987, Danny Hooper has helped countless non-profit organizations raise more than $250,000,000! As Canada’s top-rated fundraising auctioneer, Danny has mastered the 3 E’s of a successful auction—Entertainment, Engagement, and Extraction.

Organizations like the David Foster Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and the NFL demand the very best in the business, and that’s why they call Danny Hooper. That said, Danny happily serves organizations of EVERY size, from the smallest to the biggest.

Whether he’s selling dinner for two with famed Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli for $100,000 at a David Foster Gala, or six rings of garlic sausage for $35 at a church basement charity dinner, Danny delivers the same high energy, highly skilled, and always-hilarious performance. Many of his longtime clients call it “the Danny Difference.”

Considered the authoritative voice on fundraising auctions, Danny is also the author of a bestselling book called EASY MONEY – How To Generate Record Profits at Your Next Fundraising Auction Event. It’s a quick and easy read, yet chockfull of valuable ideas guaranteed to take your event to the next level.

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Considered the authoritative voice when it comes to fundraising auction events, Danny also hosts a highly-rated fundraising podcast called EVENTS WITH BENEFITS, produced in Southern California with Winspire and Donation Match. Each episode is loaded with valuable information that will help your organization achieve amazing results at your next fundraising event.


Why Choose Danny for your Next fundraising Auction?


it’s a smart investment

It’s easy to find a livestock, heavy equipment, or auto auctioneer who will do your auction for free, but is that really in your best interest if they leave thousands of dollars on the table? Regular auctioneers think about one thing only, and that is, “How much money can I get for this cow? Or this car? Or this bulldozer?” A Certified Benefit Auctioneer, on the other hand, asks the question, “How much money is in this room and how can I collect as much as possible for my client?” Double-ups, Cash Appeals, WildCard Auctions, Triple Chance Raffles, Super Signatures, and Bid Card Drops are but a few of the tools and techniques professional fundraising auctioneers use to drive dollars to your bottom line.

Since 1987 Danny has specialized EXCLUSIVELY in fundraising auctions, conducted more than 2,000 charity sales, and raised over $250,000,000 (that’s right, $250 million!) for countless non-profit organizations of every size and scope. Today, most of Danny’s business comes from repeat and referred customers, and that speaks volumes of the tremendous value he provides his clients. They understand that hiring Danny Hooper is not a cost, it’s simply a smart investment.

Danny is a certified benefit Auctioneer Specialist

As Canada’s first accredited Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS), Danny—an honours graduate—is one of only 8 in Canada and roughly 300 in all of North America. The BAS designation was created by the National Auctioneers Association to provide advanced training in the preparation and successful execution of benefit auctions. Through his ongoing association with fellow BAS members, Danny is constantly networking with the best in the business, thus providing his clients a direct link to the latest techniques and approaches that will give your next fundraising event the competitive edge.

Danny guarantees results

When the doors open and your event begins, the emcee / auctioneer become the foremost representatives of your organization. Unquestionable professionalism, genuine appreciation, and seamless management skills are critical to the achievement of your goals. These are the skill sets that Danny brings to the table. Like a winning quarterback, Danny controls the myriad moving parts of your Benefit Auction, from the flow of the agenda and crowd control to the live and silent auctions, raffles, door prizes, unexpected incidents, and more. Danny ensures that your event runs seamlessly, and, as a result, makes your organization truly shine.

No-one in the business can sell like Danny

A great auctioneer is also a great salesperson, and Danny is one of the best in the business. A former RE/MAX Hall of Fame inductee, he knows exactly how to work with your buyers’ hot buttons. Danny is a master at thinking on his feet, engaging and holding an audience’s attention, building excitement for each item, qualifying the buyers, removing objections, and closing the deal… all in a matter of moments.

Danny brings entertainment and levity to the serious business of Benefit Auctions

Everybody loves to laugh, and Danny loves to create laughter. He knows more than anyone that an auction infused with great humour and entertainment will hold your audience’s attention until the very last item is sold. Maintaining control of the room translates directly into your bottom line, and Danny’s entertaining style and tremendous sense of humour is extremely effective at sustaining audience engagement throughout the entire auction. There’s another reason why humour and entertainment are such an important part of successful Benefit Auctions. Charities are often focused on some very sobering concerns—emergency shelters, cures for diseases, hospices for the dying—and keeping things light at your event is a wonderful counterbalance to the underlying seriousness of the business at hand.

generate record-breaking profits

When you engage Danny Hooper for your event, you are virtually guaranteeing a significant and measurable increase in your charity’s bottom line, often by 40% or more when compared to previous “non-Danny” events. Danny’s unique Certified Benefit Auctioneer skills include numerous “tricks of the trade,” many of which are his own inventions — the Wild Card Auction™, the Super Signature Technique, the Blind Hat Auction, Purse Snatcher Auction, Legacy Auction, Hot Potato Auction, Spontaneous Double-Ups—these and many more strategies add unexpected dollars to your event’s revenue. Auctioneer Qualifications

I love watching someone who has mastered their craft, and this guy is the best in the business.

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the ‘Chicken Soup For the Soul’ series

Your fee was recovered as soon as the Auction began; your comedic skills delighted our guests and provided a financial windfall for us!

Sheila Edmonds, Devon Craig, Co-chairs, Hoofbeats & Heartbeats Gala supporting WELCA (Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association)

We recently attended Danny ‘s Fundraising Auction Seminar. We felt our brains would explode! When we implemented some of Danny’s ideas along with his OUTSTANDING emceeing and auctioneering expertise, our event DOUBLED its live auction results.”

Leslie Ritchie, Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta

Danny, thank you for helping to make the True Blue Gala such a huge success! Thanks to your humour and wit, our guests were treated to a memorable evening of laughs and fun. You managed to keep the mood light and entertaining while raising a TON of money for an important cause–a safer Edmonton. As they left, our guests commented they hope you’ll be back next year! A heartfelt thanks Danny!

Elan MacDonald, Edmonton Police Foundation

Our event was by all accounts a great success as a direct result of your consummate professionalism and skill. We chatted briefly about the importance of working with the best and there is no doubt that is what you are. Once again it was a privilege to work with you and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Kenneth L. Cantor AB Diabetes Board