Danny Hooper Productions

Now THIS is Puzzling!

There are many creative ways to solicit donations during a Cash Appeal at your auction event; one that I’ve seen used twice in the past month (with AMAZING results!) is offering pieces to an over-sized puzzle for each pledge.

In the above photo, taken at the CASA Foundation Spring Gala (05/10/13), there were 54 puzzle pieces made available to cash donors. I began the Cash Appeal by asking for pledges of $5,000 in exchange for a puzzle piece. Fourteen individuals responded.

And then something truly remarkable happened. Dwight Love (right), a wonderful philanthropist and a great supporter of CASA, offered to match that initial $70,000!

This created so much excitement in the room that when I offered the remaining puzzle pieces at $1,000, we ended up with more pledges than puzzle pieces!

All in all, this technique generated a total of $185,000 in the Cash Appeal alone.

Now THAT’S puzzling!

For information on where to order these large puzzles, contact our office.