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Here’s a Money-Maker

Here’s a neat little money-maker of an idea that I came up with several years ago, and have enjoyed amazing success with – I call it the $100 Signature Technique and I use it when I’m selling a framed picture, oil painting, etc.

Often these types of items, especially original pieces of art, don’t bring fair market value at a charity auction. It can happen when a particular piece isn’t well-suited to the particular crowd at an event.

Suppose the bidding on an original painting has stalled at $200. The artist is sitting in the crowd, embarrassed. The program states that the value of the painting is $1,000.

What to do? I stop the auction.

Then, I attempt to trigger an emotional response from the audience by delivering an impassioned plea that highlights the good work of the organization we’re raising money for (this isn’t as easy as it sounds, but gathering an emotion-triggering story or two before the event is something I plan for).

After my ‘pitch’, I offer to be the first to throw in $100 for the privilege of signing the back of the picture which, I explain, will be proudly displayed in a local public location (hospital, school, hospice, arena) where everybody can enjoy the piece. I also add that a plaque will be engraved with the names of those who have signed the back of the picture. The plaque will be hung under the picture.

R.C.M.P. Sergeant Joe of the Two Hills Victim Services all smiles
following the $100 Signature Technique.

When this technique is properly executed (and that’s the secret), the results are often unbelievable. At one particular gala for STARS Air Ambulance I asked for donations of $1,000 to sign the back of a picture of one of the helicopters at a crash scene – 17 people raised their hands!!!

Yes, that’s $17,000 collected in less than 5 minutes!

I’m always looking for and developing creative new ideas like the $100 (or $1,000) Signature Technique.

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