Danny Hooper Productions

He said WHAT??!!

THIS is the reaction I’m looking for every time I take the stage.

Early in my career as a charity auctioneer I learned that humour and comedy are powerful, money-making tools when used properly during a fundraising auction.

It is much easier to control an audience, hold their attention, and keep them engaged when they’re anticipating the next funny line.

As well, when the bidding action begins to slow down, I’ll often take a couple of minutes to tell a funny joke or humorous story. More often than not, when the bidding resumes I can coax an extra 15-20% on any given item. Perhaps taking this little pause gives the bidders time to catch their breath and reevaluate how high they’re prepared to bid.

Whatever the psychology is, one thing is certain. Humour and comedy take any fundraising auction to a whole new level.

And for me, nothing is more rewarding than watching an audience burst into laughter!



Photo by adriennemarie.ca