Danny Hooper Productions

25 Saturday
July 2015

Vermilion Fair Grandstand Show, Vermilion, AB

When: 8:30 pm
Where: Vermilion Fair Grounds

Vermilion Agricultural Society is pleased to present the 109th Annual Vermilion Fair: July 23, 24, 25 – 2015.

Events include a parade, trade show, animal judging, Pony Chuck wagon and chariot races, entertainment and agricultural/horticultural displays. Each year several thousand exhibitors showcase their talents in a friendly competitive spirit.

The Vermilion Agricultural Society is a ‘not for profit’ organization run by volunteers. Endless hours of work and organization by the volunteers that comprise the society membership, the committee members, the exhibitors and the many additional volunteers who step up at fair time and of course the long hours of hard work by our office staff; bring this event to fruition. Without the support and hard work of this group of people, such a feat would not be possible. The Society continues to work hard to make changes to our Fair in order to make it informative, educational and of course fun for families and all who attend.