Danny Hooper Productions

04 Friday
October 2013

Operation Esperanza, Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview

When: 6 p.m.
Where: Santa Maria Goretti Community Centre, Edmonton, AB

For tickets please contact Elaine at 780-944-8864 or elaine.zimmer@rbc.com



Sixteen years ago, Dr. Thomas Greidanus conducted surgeries supporting the vulnerable and disadvantaged in Cuenca. Due to his commitment and him exhibiting “service above self”, Dr. Greidanus was nominated as the Riverview Rotary Club’s Integrity Award recipient. Following the award, Dr. Greidanus became a member of our club. For the last fourteen years, the Edmonton Riverview Rotary Club has worked tirelessly in fundraising and building relationships to continue and augment Operation Esperanza to support people in need.

“We are changing the world one hip, one knee, and one tooth at a time,” ~Carl Simonson, volunteer.

The gratitude and thanks are palpable. Recipients of the surgeries are not the only ones who benefit from this goodwill. Operation Esperanza supports the recipients as well as their families. Many local volunteers who come out to support the mission are past recipients who act as translators for members of the team who don’t speak Spanish. For a young women who has severe osteo arthritis that is extremely painful, she might not have that bright of a future. Thanks to her hip surgery, she is more likely to work and have a family – her independence and future look more promising.

It is amazing to see how this “well meshed team” is able to make a difference in so many lives. The total cost of the mission is approximately $150,000 [CDN] all of which is spent on the prosthesis needed for the adult surgery. A yearly dinner and silent auction help raise close to $50,000 with the remaining balance covered by grants and other groups and individuals who have contributed so generously. Heartwarming thanks to everyone who supports Operation Esperanza – it could not be accomplished without your ongoing help.