Danny Hooper Productions

09 Wednesday
October 2013

Edmonton Police Foundation, True Blue Gala

Where: Expo Centre, Edmonton, AB

The Edmonton Police Foundation was established by community
leaders in June 2000 as an independent non-profit charitable
organization to promote and support community policing crime prevention
and education initiatives developed by the Edmonton Police Service in
conjunction with community leaders.

The Edmonton Police Foundation is looking to build a closer working
relationship with the varied communities throughout Edmonton with the
aim of making Edmonton the safest major city in Canada. If you are
involved with a local community group and would like to discuss options
for community initiatives, please see our Contact page. We’d love to hear from you!

We are in the process of giving the website an overhaul, so please be
patient should you discover any missing information. Should you wish to
receive updates on our progress, or have any questions which the site
doesn’t answer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Edmonton Police Foundation gives priority to initiatives which aid
in the development of crime prevention programs, or support education
opportunities related to community policing and promotes the practice of
community policing. We will consider the impact on the community
financial need and the number of people impacted.

Projects and initiatives we fund are generally developed by members of
the Edmonton Police Service or in consultation with an Edmonton Police
Service member and are aimed at improving community safety and
participation with Edmonton Police Service initiatives.

We DO NOT fund outside fundraising, personnel costs, or ongoing
operational costs as our grants are meant as a one time “boost” for
community initiatives.

All projects must be supported / endorsed by a member of the Edmonton Police Service. Please see the “Contact” tab for details.