Danny Hooper Productions

Danny Raises $350,000 in 90 seconds!

The fastest $350,000 ever raised at an Edmonton charity auction happened at Sorrentino’s Garlic Stomp at the Shaw Conference Centre.

Time needed: 90 seconds.

“I’m still numb from the experience,” said event organizer Stella Rago. The restaurateur, who owns the Sorrentino’s chain with husband Carmelo, added: “We live in a very generous community. When people heard what was needed, getting the job done just made sense.”

It was Janet Riopel, Compassion House Foundation president, who told the sellout crowd of 600 people, each of whom had paid $300 to attend, that $250,000 was needed to complete the extension of the home-away-from-home for out-of-town women being treated for breast cancer. “We are expanding rooms from six to fourteen,” she said. “Many of the women we help are in the fight of their lives. They bond with one another. There are tears. But there is also laughter.”

What happened next was a golden moment in the career of celebrity auctioneer Danny Hooper. “Let’s raise $250,000 in one minute,” he said. “We need 25 people to put up their hands and donate $10,000 each.”

And then a miracle happened – 35 people raised their hands, generating $350,000 in 90 seconds flat!

Cash Appeals are a great way to generate a lot of money in a short period of time, but require 3 critical components – an emotional trigger, an effective “ask,” and an efficient means to collect all the donations.