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Danny’s Wildcard Auction™ Proves its Worth

Have you ever been to a Fundraising Auction Event and thought, “Gee, I would have donated something to the Live Auction, but no one asked.”

If you have, you are not alone.

Throughout his career, Danny has been approached numerous times by people making that exact statement. After hearing this over and over, he came up with a simple (and highly profitable) solution. Why not ask for donations of Live Auction items at the event?

The Wildcard Auction™ was born.

The idea is to encourage on-the-spot donations from event guests who may have something valuable to offer – vacation homes, concert tickets, hockey tickets, etc.

Neon-colored index cards are placed at each table and guests wishing to make a donation are asked to write their name, phone number, and a description of their Wildcard Auction™ item on one of the cards. These Wildcards not only present an opportunity to raise unexpected funds, but also identify prospective donors and sponsors for future events. Double whammy!

But does it really work?

It certainly did at the Ardrossan Recreation and Agriculture Society (ARAS) 25th Annual Lobster Dinner & Auction. Prior to working with Danny, this event raised about $11,000 annually, but the first time he worked with this organization the Wildcard Auction alone brought in $25,000!

You can learn more about the Wildcard Auction™ in Danny’s book – ‘Easy Money – How to Generate Record Profits at Your Next Fundraising Auction Event.’

You can purchase it here

Oh, and the guys joining Danny in the photo were guests at the event, his friends from the Edmonton Police Service Tactical Unit.

– DHP Communications