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No secrets

Back in 1986 I went broke in the nightclub business. In an effort to avoid filing for personal bankruptcy, I shifted gears and changed careers, going from a full-time restaurateur/country…

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Friends Gather to Celebrate ‘Easy Money’

Becoming a published author is a big deal, especially when you hold a wealth of knowledge that will undoubtedly make a real change. This is what Danny Hooper has achieved…

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Danny’s Wildcard Auction™ Proves its Worth

Have you ever been to a Fundraising Auction Event and thought, “Gee, I would have donated something to the Live Auction, but no one asked.” If you have, you are…

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How I (literally) wrote the book on fundraising auctions

What a big day this was! After many long months of writing, editing, reader panel reviews, proof-reading, designing, and more proof-reading, my new (and first-ever) book has finally been printed!…

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