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How I (literally) wrote the book on fundraising auctions

What a big day this was! After many long months of writing, editing, reader panel reviews, proof-reading, designing, and more proof-reading, my new (and first-ever) book has finally been printed!

I couldn’t wait to get to Priority Printing this afternoon to pick up the first copies of ‘EASY MONEY – How To Generate Record Profits at Your Next Fundraising Auction Event.’

This project is a dream come true. After several false starts, I finally hunkered down in Chicago last September following the annual Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Summit. The writing continued through the looooong, cold winter; I finally completed the manuscript in late February. But I was soon to learn that the job was only half complete; the real work was about to begin…taking all those words and turning them into a book that people would actually enjoy reading.

I am so very proud of this project, partly because it’s the first time in my career that I’ve really taken the time and had the patience (and budget) to get it right, and I truly believe this book is going to help countless non-profit organizations generate millions of extra dollars to support their operations and initiatives.

And for me, the proudest moment of this project was presenting the first copy to my ‘Uncle’ Wes Spencer, the man who introduced me to the world of fundraising auctioneering back in 1987.


I am forever grateful.