Danny Hooper Productions

What would you do: the wine tree

In Danny’s book, Easy Money – How to Generate Record Profits at Your Next Fundraising Auction Event he talks about the success of a Wine Tree. Whether used as a raffle prize or in the Live Auction, a Wine Tree can typically generate $5000+.

But sometimes extraordinary things happen.

At the 2013 Golden Gala for the Allen Gray Continuing Care Centre in Edmonton, Danny was auctioning off their Wine Tree when a guest had the winning bid of $4,300! Not bad, right?

Now this is where it gets extraordinary. The bidder donated it back!

Danny sold the Wine Tree for a second $4,300 and to everyone’s excitement it was donated back as well.

Once again, Danny began to sell the Wine Tree and realized it had run out of steam.

What would you do?

This is when an experienced benefit auctioneer comes into play. They are quick to think on their feet in order to extract funds from the room. Not only do they think about selling the item, but they consider how to get maximum value.

When faced with this task, Danny was quick to offer a solution. He began to sell the Wine Tree, tier by tier, then bottle by bottle, extracting another $4,100 from the room.

It was flawless, seamless and it worked.

At the end of the day, that particular Wine Tree fetched nearly $13,000 thanks to generous guests and the experience of a benefit auctioneer.