Danny Hooper Productions

The Perfect Company Christmas Party

What makes the perfect company Christmas party in your mind?

Delicious food?

Festive decor?

Live entertainment?

How about some laughs with your employees?

Well, the Danny Hooper Classic Country Christmas parties can check all that off your list!

Times are busy and you deserve to celebrate. Planning a party for employees and their guests can take a lot of time, money and resources. Besides, everyone wants something different! Why not get the best of everything and not have to do any of the work?

We can make that happen.

The Danny Hooper Classic Country Christmas parties are all about fun. We cover every element of the perfect party for you and your employees:

  • food
  • entertainment
  • atmosphere
  • safety
  • Christmas cheer
  • humor
  • dancing
  • and of course …. the Holiday spirit!

Start a new tradition this year by joining us this Holiday season! All you have to do is show up and we will take care of the rest.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can create the perfect company party for you and your valuable employees!




– DHP Communications