Danny Hooper Productions

The little idea that grew

Hard to believe it was 15 years ago that I came up with the idea to host a multi-company Christmas party, mostly so the musicians in my band could have a few extra gigs heading into the holidays! I remember as though it was yesterday, we were touring through the U.S., performing at state and county fairs in Wisconsin, Iowa, Montana, Idaho, and Washington, and on a particularly long drive between dates I started musing and making notes (I still have that cherished notepad in my desk!), wondering if small businesses would be interested in coming together and having one big party that December.

Well here we are 15 years later and our Deck the Hall Ball has taken on a life of its own. Despite the downturn in the economy, this year almost 2000 people will attend the 2016 Deck the Hall Ball over three nights. ¬†We’re very excited to be in a new location this year. After 14 years at Fort Edmonton Park we’ve moved to a brand new facility called The Enjoy Centre – easier to find, more parking, and better space.

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Christmas is my favourite time of year, and my team and I are excited to be hosting these events and will be bending over backwards to show our guests a great time.

And if you happen to be attending one of our parties don’t forget – the worst thing about a company Christmas party… is looking for a new job on Monday morning!