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The Great White North

Today I’m blogging from the northern community of Whitehorse, located in the breathtakingly-beautiful Yukon Territory. Actually, the only thing taking my breath away today are these freezing temperatures.

So what am I doing way up here in the middle of January, when many of my friends are sunbathing on tropical beaches somewhere, or waiting for a tee time in Phoenix? There are two answers to that question.

First, I’ve come here to MC the annual sales awards for Driving Force, Canada’s largest independent vehicle rental, leasing, and sales company. I’ve been associated with this great organization for many years; they’ve actually been my vehicle sponsor since 1996. The company founder and CEO, Jeff Polovick, has become a close friend and a highly-valued business mentor of mine.

The second reason I’m here is to reminisce; I have a special attachment to this place. Way back in the late 1970’s, at the beginning of my music career (a past life), I spent several weeks entertaining with my band at a famous local watering hole called the Kopper King. Back in those days, the boys and I were travelling up to forty-eight weeks a year, spending a week at a time playing honky-tonks and bars throughout western Canada.


Because it was so expensive to fly bands and their gear this far north, the Kopper King made it their policy to book groups for six or seven-week stretches, which gave road bands such as ours a rare opportunity to really settle in.

Wanting to make the most of my time in Whitehorse, I signed up for flying lessons at Air North and had my pilot’s license by the time we left. As well, I took sky-diving lessons (and got THAT out of my system in a helluva hurry!), and was even in Whitehorse when Elvis Presley died.

So…this town and I go back a ways and, cold or no cold, it’s good to be back.