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A Media Man with a Big Personality

There’s no doubt about it, Danny Hooper is a true character. Some might even say a little mischievous. Over the years, many have enjoyed Danny explore this side of his big personality on the airwaves of 790 CFCW and more recently, on the pages of The Edmonton Sun.

Danny retired from the CFCW Morning Show in July, 2013 in order to focus on his fundraising auction and professional emcee business.

“Good-bye” to 4:30 mornings and “Hello” to a proper night’s sleep!


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CCMA Radio Personalities of the Year Award

In the seven years that Sharon and Danny co-hosted the 790 CFCW Morning Show, there were many remarkable and memorable moments, but no doubt their proudest was being awarded the CCMA Major Market Personalities of the Year back in 2008, less than 2 years after coming together.

At the time Danny joked, “the best part about my job is being able to wake up each morning with Sharon but not having to sleep with her!”

CFCW Radio: A dream job come true

Danny got the CFCW job quite by accident. Asked by the station manager to come fill in for a vacationing DJ, what he didn’t know was that the boss was secretly auditioning him for the job of Morning Show co-host.

The toughest part of the job, especially the first year, was getting out of bed at 4 am. But the sacrifice was well worth it. Now he says. “This opportunity was a dream come true!”

As with most things in life, practice makes perfect, and what better way than a daily radio show to keep one’s sense of humour and comedic wit as sharp as a razor!

Read Danny’s Sunday Column in The Edmonton Sun

More recently, Danny has expanded to the newsprint page with his Sunday column in The Edmonton Sun. He has journaled for decades and, in addition to reaching a wider audience (ever the entertainer), wants to further hone his writing skills. The result is a truly entertaining mix of “humorous stories, charity and business profiles, gossip, and good old-fashioned BS.”

Read Danny’s columns