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I’m now Canfield certified!

Who hasn’t read a copy of Chicken Soup For The Soul? Hard to believe that the authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, were rejected by 144 publishers before finally finding a home for their tome –  a small regional publisher in Florida. The gamble paid off – to date the series has sold over 500,000,000 copies worldwide. That’s right, half a BILLION copies!

Canfield has since sold his interest in the Chicken Soup series, and now spends his time promoting his latest book, the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Success Principles. I read it when it first came out, and have tried to incorporate these timeless teachings into my daily life, both personally and professionally.

That said, some days have been better than others.


I first had the pleasure of meeting Canfield at a fundraising event in Calgary a few years ago. We had a chance to watch each other work – he was the keynote speaker and I the charity’s auctioneer. I was thrilled when he signed my copy of his book that night, and even more so when he gave me a glowing video testimonial. You can watch it on my website at www.dannyhooper.com

Fast forward to 2016 and our paths cross again, this time in Newport Beach, CA last February where I attended a Canfield program called Train the Trainer, the first of two live weeklong events where you learn how to teach The Success Principles. I’ve long wanted to get into the speaking/coaching business and this proved to be my ticket. After successfully completing an intensive months-long online training program, followed by a second weeklong live event in Scottsdale, AZ last week, I am now a CERTIFIED Canfield Trainer In the Success Principles and proud of it!

We’re looking forward to launching this new phase of my career in early 2017.

Stay tuned.