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If I Knew How To Type

Writing a book would be SO much easier…if I only knew how to type! What was I thinking when I decided to write ‘EASY MONEY – How To Generate Record Profits at Your Next Fundraising Auction Event?’

I can tell you what I’m thinking right now…I’m thinking that back in junior high, I should have stayed in typing class instead of transferring to Home Economics (because that’s where all the girls were). But, the past is the past and I’ve learned to live with the consequences of my choices.

All that said, work is progressing at a reasonable pace and hopefully, I’m two-finger-tapping my way to the Bestseller List. My designer Ken North has been creating original illustrations for the book and I thought you’d enjoy a sneak peek at some of his work. We’re going the extra mile to make sure the book is a fun, easy, and informative read. Hopefully, something interesting will jump off every page.

The above illustration is for an original idea that I’ve utilized at several of my fundraising auction events; it’s called a Purse Snatcher Auction. For details on how it works…you’ll have to read the book.

That is, if I ever get the damn thing finished.