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A Squinty Farewell To Mayor Mandel

I enjoyed emceeing the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce’s recent Tribute Dinner to outgoing city mayor Stephen Mandel, the man who, after three terms in office, leaves the provincial capital a much better place to live.

It was an evening filled with fine food, fantastic entertainment,¬†fond memories…. and squinting eyes. I doubt that few of the 1200 well-wishers in attendance could read the souvenir program — most of it looked like it was printed in a 3-point font!

C’mon. Seriously?

The only way it could have been any worse in the dinner-light conditions of the Expo Centre was if the program had been printed in red ink, a colour that all but disappears when the lights go down.

Remember, good graphic design is not an option, and doesn’t cost a penny more than bad graphic design.