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I love watching someone who has mastered their craft, and this guy is the best in the business.
— Jack Canfield, co-creator of
'Chicken Soup for the Soul'
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If you’re setting goals…stop it.

It’s New Years Eve and chances are you’ve been over-spending, over-eating and over-drinking for the past few weeks, celebrating the season with friends, family, and co-workers. And now dammit, things…

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And have a cup of Cheer…

Yesterday I flipped to the final page of the 2016 calendar and nearly flipped out – there it was already…DECEMBER! While many businesses start winding down at this time of…

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The hot potato potbelly pig

I’m the first to admit that even my best ideas backfire from time to time. Take, for example,¬†my¬†Wildcard Auction. I came up with this idea years ago after hearing countless…

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