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I love watching someone who has mastered their craft, and this guy is the best in the business.
— Jack Canfield, co-creator of
'Chicken Soup for the Soul'
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The Perfect Company Christmas Party

What makes the perfect company Christmas party in your mind? Delicious food? Festive decor? Live entertainment? How about some laughs with your employees? Well, the Danny Hooper Classic Country Christmas…

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Treat Your Employees to a Holiday Party – Danny Hooper Style!

Imagine the perfect company Christmas party. What does it look like to you? If you are like our friends from Foremost you, “Don’t want to do a thing. Just want…

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Going Through a Little Rough Water

But that doesn’t bother my son Travis and I…especially when we’re FISHING!!! Despite rough seas and stormy weather, our recent four-day trip to Hippa Lodge on the rugged northwest coast…

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